Preparing for Construction

Kendra Hood, Decorator with Root West Inc. here with my first BLOG on how to prepare for your construction. This is helpful especially if this is your first rodeo! Living in your home during construction can have it’s many challenges. It can also be a good time for you to take inventory of all your accessories, furniture etc. I’m a huge fan of donating or selling what you do not use or need! You’ll probably be packing up your entire kitchen and rolling up those rugs for awhile so now is a good time to get rid of those 5 pans you don’t use. I tell my clients to start thinking of a temporary space they can use for a “kitchen” “play area” or whatever space they’re remodeling. Purchase paper plates etc. too so you don’t need to wash dishes constantly in the bathroom. Communication within the entire family on what to expect is key to keeping the peace. This is a time of loud noises and unexpected events. The Root West Team brings years of experience with construction and we understand that life happens. We all have families! Let’s chat prior to your job. I’m also a Social Worker……..I get it!